Shred It! at goNorth


Shred It! at goNorth

They said goNorth, so we went! The team headed to the annual festival held in Inverness celebrating all aspects of the cultural and creative arts and includes film, music, literature and of course one of Scotland’s most successful exports, video games. We wanted to get Shred It! into the hands of people from all different areas of the arts as early as possible to see what they think and to give us some face to face feedback.


We were among friends with around 10 other developers showing off their latest games. They were all so different. It was so encouraging to see creative bods just like ourselves making games for all types of platforms, with PC games some for Xbox and Oculus Rift titles too, which are always exciting!

Getting Shred It! into people’s hands was exciting and kinda nerve-racking but it seemed we had nothing to worry about as everyone had great things to say. We got some high praise for the look of the game, especially from the other developers which was really flattering.


It seems like because the game is very original, the little tutorial at the beginning could be a little clearer. The folk who tried out the game got the hang of it really quickly but they wanted more info early on. Since we haven’t completed the tutorial this was a great help because now we know it’s something people really do want.

It was a great day and made us even more excited about getting the game finished and out there for you to play.

Stay tuned for more on our adventure 🙂