Meet the developers – Patrick Vince


Meet the developers – Patrick Vince

We’re hard at work getting Shred It! ready to launch. It’s been a long time coming. There was a time when Shred It! was just a twinkle in the eye of Game Designer – Patrick Vince.

So Patrick where did your inspiration come from for Shred It!?

Patrick: I’ve got a long list of potential game designs that start with a combination of just two ideas. Simply combining snowboarding and paper-craft into a single idea was enough to pave the way for what eventually became Shred It! 


There have been some other pretty addictive endless runners out there but Shred It! is a little different. What did you aim to do to bring the genre up to date and give it a new slant?

Patrick: The standout difference between Shred It! and other runner games, is the free flowing movement in our control system. We wanted to create something that felt new, so by making the movement free and unbound to the shackles of paths, we’ve changed the entire flow of the game and genre… and it’s a lot of fun!

The art style really stands out. Is it a look you particularly love?

Patrick: Yes, I’m a big fan. I think there’s a unique charm with paper-craft that gives you a huge range of new ideas and styles to explore.

As well as the paper-craft look the game boasts a weather system and different times of day and night as you move through. Was it important to bring a bit of real world atmosphere to the environments?

Early concept

Early concept

Patrick: Definitely. Having a changing environment came early on in the design, but keeping it free from game tropes actually came a little later. We came to realise that, even though it’s paper, everything looked very natural – so including floating coins or power-ups etc. could have spoiled the authenticity. But when everything has a place, the feeling is you can become fully immersed in the world around you.

Once you get the hang of the game it’s pretty hard to put down. Are you awesomely good at it, after playing it for ages during development?

Patrick: I’ve certainly acquired a pretty good level of skill through my time working on it! Although there’s always new obstacles or tweaks going in that can completely throw me off, but I’ll soon learn how best to conquer them!

Here’s the big question. Do you snowboard in real life, Patrick?

Patrick: I have recently taken it up, yes. Though I’ve yet to master the double forward flip!