Meet the Developers – Nick Hales


Meet the Developers – Nick Hales

It’s the fabulous Nick’s turn to get the third degree on all things Shred It! and find out about his inner fears and desires or… you know… what games he likes and that. He’s one of Extra Mile’s awesome animator’s and has been working on Shred It!

So Nick what have you been doing most recently for Shred It!?

Nick: Well, after bringing a bit of extra life to the characters, I’ve been working on a few little secrets we hope to let fly once Shred It hits the slopes; and maybe even a couple before…. I won’t tease you with anymore, but hopefully they’ll go down well!

Bloody tease! How did you get into video game development? Was it always your plan?

Nick: In all honesty I was a late arrival! I’ve spent my career working in broadcast and commercials, with the odd Snow Patrol music video thrown in for good measure (CLANG). After a short transition through game cinematics, including Halo 4 (CLANG), I joined the EM Studios team here to bring those skills into our games.

IMG_1383aIf you’re going to drop names they might as well be biggies! What games do you like to play?

Nick: Ummmmm, now what’s the most politically correct way to put this… I’m not really a big gamer (I fake it in the studio so tell no-one!) So I only really play Fifa if I’m attached to a console. But that’s not to say I don’t do my research! I’ve now got more game apps on my phone than I know what to do with. Shred It! will be eclipsing them all very soon, I hope! Thankfully I can leave the gameplay side of Shred It! to the guys here who really know their stuff, so I know it’s in safe hands!

Which element of game development do you get the most out of working on?

Nick: For me it’s all about the characters. If I can inject a little extra charm, humor or personality into the game then I’m doing my job right. If not… well, let’s just focus on the charming, humorous characters we’re working on and say no more about that.

How are your boarding skills coming along in Shred It! after all these months of playing it? You must have a pretty good high-score by now, huh?

Nick: I think high scores are overrated… cough cough. It’s the taking part, right? I get a bit distracted by the pretty moving things while I’m playing, so tend to fall foul pretty quickly! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


We hear you! Can you snowboard in real life?

Nick: With my backlog of sporting injuries, throwing fresh snow and a board into the mix would be a recipe for disaster! So to avoid me animating from a ski resort hospital bed, I think it’s safer I stick to sports on soft grass and leave the snowboarding experience to my thumbs.

When you’re not working in the studio what else do you like to do?

Nick: As I mentioned before, injuring myself through sport seems to be a long running hobby. I have a terrible habit of playing to win, and the self-preservation instincts shut down in the process. So let’s hope that doesn’t kick in once the game is released or I’ll soon be suffering from RSI due to playing it too much on my phone!