Meet the developers – Kenny Swanston


Meet the developers – Kenny Swanston

We’ve been obsessing over the smallest details in the development of Shred It! Every team member is hard at work creating the gameplay mechanics, the beautiful environments, the sound and balancing the obstacles to provide the exact right amount of challenge moment to moment. In between times we argue over finding the perfect names for characters and just how snowy snow should be.

You’ve met Patrick already but here comes a new challenger. Kenny Swanston is a one-time web videogame show psychopath, now masquerading as a mild-mannered 3D artist.

So Kenny what have you been tinkering with in Shred It!?

Kenny: I’ve been creating GUI art assets for the Frontend menu’s and in game so it’s stuff like buttons and pop-up panels. It’s all still a work in progress and we’ll probably be going back over and trying to get everything looking consistent and the best it can look. It helps that we are trying to keep everything in the same papery style since that narrows down what kind of look we are trying to achieve. I think by the time everything is completed and polished it should look really great.

How good are you at Shred It!? What’s your high-score?

Kenny: I’m not that great though I’ve been mostly playing on the pc and using a keyboard so that’s my excuse. I’m looking forward to getting on running on my phone at some point soon

Show us one of your favourite pieces of work you’ve created.

Kenny: It’s probably the End Game Screen, this is the latest mockup. It’s gone through a few changes since I first started working on it as everyone has helped out and made suggestions, which have helped improve it a lot. I’m sure we’ll make some more changes to it as we go along.


In the few moments you aren’t trying to think of new and awesome things to squeeze onto Shred It! before launch what do you like to play. It’s Mario Kart 8 isn’t it? I bet it’s Mario Kart 8.

Kenny: Yep I just got Mario Kart 8 and it’s great fun and looks amazing, along with Ground Zeroes its probably the most impressive next gen game I’ve played. Other than that I’m usually just playing stuff on the 3ds and I’m kinda back into playing Monster Hunter 3 yet again.

See! Knew it would be Mario Kart 8.