Happy Halloween! 1.1 Goes live!


Happy Halloween! 1.1 Goes live!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

A new update has gone live that is jam packed with new features, characters and costumes!

Some of which include:

• Improved performance on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
• Just in time for Halloween – check out the spooky new costumes for all your favorite characters!
• Extra paperclips awarded EVERY run!
• Earn even more paperclips with fun Daily Challenges!
• Multi-touch input support added for more reactive play!
• Meet the Pengz! A crazy trio of sledge-loving boarders!
• New star-based ranking system to reward those not using Continues!
• Just done a cool trick? Now you can share a video of it straight from the Pause menu!
• Too tricky? Relax. We’ve made stages one and two more chilled!

Download the update now, and watch this space for more exciting news coming very shortly!