Q. How much does Shred It! cost?
A. Shred It! is a free download, with optional in app purchases available.


Q. What can I play Shred It! on?
A. Shred It! is currently available on iOS, Android & Windows Phone. Another device may be coming very shortly!
Q. The game is running slow on my device, is there anything I can do to improve performance?
A. In the settings panel on the main menu you can find a ‘Quality’ option. Try setting this to ‘Fast’ to improve FPS. Also close down any other open apps you might have, & reboot your device.
Q. How do I earn Paperclips?
A. There are many ways to earn Paperclips to spend on costumes, boards & characters. Whilst playing; try collecting Leaves, snatching Acorns, knocking over Owls, performing Tricks, beating your High-Score & selling duplicate Stickers you pick up. You can also watch Video Ads in the Shop or on the Scoreboard panel for a quick Clip bonus!


Q. Can I still enter the Design a Board competition?
A. Yes! The competition is going to stay open, and we will pick a new winner every month which will be added into the game with new updates!