Archive: 2014 July


Introducing the characters – Meet Rufus

Parker’s pet pooch, Rufus had been racing around the slopes chasing squirrels for years, when one day he jumped on Parker’s board to chase a particularly wiley varmint! Now he’s the top dog of the snowboarding world… he’s also the […]


Introducing the characters – Meet Parker and Jessie

It’s the first in our series of videos introducing the awesome cast of Shred It! Meet Parker and Jessie. Parker and Jessie rule the slopes in Shred It! The only thing Parker loves more than pulling off tricks on the […]


Meet the Developers – Nick Hales

It’s the fabulous Nick’s turn to get the third degree on all things Shred It! and find out about his inner fears and desires or… you know… what games he likes and that. He’s one of Extra Mile’s awesome animator’s […]


Meet the Developers – Darran Woods

Meet Darran. He’s a 3D artist working on Shred It! In another of our ‘Meet the Developers’ series, he reveals a little about life inside and outside the studio. What have you been working on most recently in Shred It!? […]