Meet the Developers – Darran Woods


Meet the Developers – Darran Woods

Meet Darran. He’s a 3D artist working on Shred It! In another of our ‘Meet the Developers’ series, he reveals a little about life inside and outside the studio.

What have you been working on most recently in Shred It!?

Darran: I do a bit of everything or whatever is needed. This ranges from SFX, Environments and functionality. I have been responsible for designing the shop, ready for all the fantastic characters, outfits, accessories and cool boards that you will be able to buy. Most recently I’ve been adding the finishing touches to our wonderfully magical menu system.

How did you get into video game development?

Darran: I have played video games pretty much since my first computer – a Vic 20. I also enjoyed art as a kid.
I graduated from art college back in 1997 with an HND in computer animation. That same year I was lucky enough start working in film and TV post production in Soho, London. Over the years I have moved back and forth between post production and games in a variety of roles. Having had the honour of working with some truly talented people on some great projects.

What are your favourite games?

Darran: Anything from the Amiga 500 days. There has been so many great games over the years, too many to name.

The game that has got me playing the most at the moment is Grand Theft Auto V.

Will you play GTA V all over again when it comes to the next gen consoles, all buffed up and pretty?

Darran: I’m not sure about GTA V on next gen. It does look even more amazing. I’ve spent a long time online with my character and I’m a pretty high up rank in my crew. It’s good that Rockstar is letting players transfer their character to next gen. The trouble is I’m thinking my next console might be the PS4 and I don’t fancy building my online character back up from zero.


Darran’s not the only talented one in his family.

Which game element do you enjoy working on most?

Darran: Variety is the spice of life! I like to try and keep a broad spectrum of skills.

You must be getting pretty good at Shred It! after all these months of playing it. Have you got a decent highscore?

Darran: I need more practice to beat Patrick!

How are your real life snowboarding skills?

Darran: I have only done it once on a dry slope. I used to be a pretty good skateboarder back in the day though.

When you’re not making or playing games what else do you like to do?

Darran: Spending time with my fiancée and little boy who is almost 3, plus my dog and 3 cats.
I can’t wait till he’s a little bit older, then its Lego time! We also enjoy taking our little boy out to see anything ranging from tractors to all kinds of animals. I also enjoy mixing up my extensive record collection.